Monday, September 16, 2013

Jet lag at its finest

Well here we are.  Made it to Nepal about 7 hours ago and here I am sitting in the hotel lounge listening to some Howlin' Wolf playing in the background.  I think that sets to mood just fine to type up a quick entry.  I am tired, that is no lie.  My ankles are swollen like sausages, but so it goes when flying internationally.  I watched a total of 5 movies throughout my flights and lord how I love that Tylenol PM.

As we descended through the clouds to land in Kathmandu, it finally hit me that I was going to be here for two months.  Not long at all of course, but still... long.  What have I gotten myself into?  All I needed to do for the bus ride to the hotel was close my eyes and I would be transported to New York, with the incredible amount of horn honking.  A polite honking though, just to let you know they are right next to you.  It was a bit of a tense ride, but more in awe than anything.  So many people in the streets, on bikes, vehicles along with just randomness mixed with so many other elements.

We were met at the airport by Andrew from the ARP and some lovely people to help with our bags and shuttle us over and help with us to our rooms.  A very quaint one awaited us and all I wanted to do was lay down before anything else.  A quick rinse and we were off to dinner.  The team altogether.  4 practitioners from Oregon, 1 from Canada and 1 from Australia. We wandered around the streets for just a bit, enough to learn how not to get run over in the streets by motorbikes and such, or how to gently and kindly turn down a merchant who is so eagerly wanting to make that sale. There is so many wonderful things to buy here, I was to overwhelmed to even attempt while struggling with jet lag and my initial introduction.  We at least attained a feel for what to expect.  Crowded like Mexico City, but so incredibly different and beautiful in the most chaotic of ways.

We have a couple days here in Kathmandu then head South for 4 or 5 bumpy hours and see what awaits us at the Bhimphedi and Kogate clinics that we are opening up on Sunday.  We have a few days of training and preparation to take care of, but I am very eager to start meeting and treating people.  it is surreal to be here though and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead.

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