Monday, October 19, 2015

Never underestimate the power of anxiety

Here we are.  You and me, blog.  Been about two years.  Much has stayed the same, a ridiculous amount has changed.  Following my incredible time in Nepal was a big hustle back home resulting in exhaustion and depression. While treating people with Acupuncture is a wonderful skill to have, I eventually realized I was not living the life I wanted and something needed to change.  Financially, creatively, collaboratively... I needed more.

My constant thirst for knowledge has never disappointed me and I took a big leap this summer.  I enrolled in a boot camp for software development.  I did a massive amount of research online, with friends in the field, even shielding my intrigue from my boyfriend (a hardware engineer), to make sure I was not under any influence other than my own drive and intrigue.

Four months later, I am close to finishing the program, though have a good amount of curriculum to finish.  The kicker is that this field is constantly changing, therefore constant studying is an integral part to a competent developer.  I will be on the hunt in about a month or so, seeking out an entry level junior developer position in a completely unknown territory. Another transition in my life, and completely terrifying, but exciting at the same time.  For the first time since receiving my Masters, I have hope again in my financial future.  I feel a sense of purpose and self worth and look forward to working with creative folks who I constantly strive to surround myself worth.

I should have started this a bit ago, but learning a new language, let alone SEVERAL has been daunting.  My brain still hasn't switched into a programmer brain, but I am not going to let that stop me in moving forward.  One needs to take the initial steps to better their life.  Realizing something is or isn't working is vital to forward movement.  I am proud and anxious to see where I will fit into this field.