Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5 cun forward and 2 cun back. Meanwhile, back at the acetabulum...

Monday was my first day back in class after an interesting holiday break. A spontaneous trip to Los Angeles for some much needed sun and frolic found me flying home to Texas visiting dear friends, and later had me driving with my mother to Miami. Tour managing my mother... that was interesting. I fell out of my routine, over indulged... all the normal things we do during that time of year. I was eager to return home and start my studies again, but thankful to spend time with the family. I am not as prepared as I thought I might be for the return of school. I know it is going to take a little bit of time to get the rhythm flowing again and also know I am not the only one who feels this way, and for that I am thankful. Why I am feeling guilty about not studying over the break or not practicing yoga more often makes me ponder. Joy "so damn hard on herself" Earl. The perfect little Cancerian.

The motivation and excitement is growing once again. New classes have shown to be hopeful and very much looking forward to this quarter. I have loaded up my schedule, not only switching to the early morning track (so not rock and roll) and taking an elective along with both bodywork courses, but resolving to practice piano more and study German, and of course keeping the body balanced with the physical. Yet my mind is thinking about working. I could do it if opportunities came up. I really could work around things. I suppose my longing to keep my foot in the music business world whilst in school will always be there and quite frankly find it really important to remind people that I am here and available to some extent. Or is this just so typical of me? Wanting to work myself to death and fighting for balance? After all, in no time I will be out of school and ready for anything. The road is not going anywhere, and it might even be repaved by the time I am ready to officially launch Rockupuncture.  I do miss things. Just wanting to get to an airport (holidays excluded) or craving deli platter meats from backstage (this is a joke, I really miss peanut butter and jelly sandwiches). Like my dear friend said tonight on the phone (that's you Jimski), you are remembering all the good times and not the phallic drawings in the green room, the stench of urine and stale beer in the venues or the gas station coffee. I miss hotel rooms though. The ones with the really good pillows and little soaps that smell so amazing that you steal them from the cart outside when they are in another room cleaning and they can't see you? Yeah, that's me. I "collect" little hotel soaps.

Vexing have been my dreams of late. I find the more I proceed with this path, the more I am letting go. The more random memories drift into my mind and the more I welcome them. The more I want out of life, the greater the motivation. To listen to my mentors talk about taking a pulse and being able to tell  if someone has a tumor on their right lung astonishes me. When I hear about a woman who travels from London to NYC one day a month just to practice moxa on clients, I say to myself... " I could do that and so much more and so much better!".  I am going to have amazing clients, old and new. I will always travel (whether for work or for pleasure), take care of people, put out fires and perhaps even light little fires of mugwort on their skin. I suppose the point I am trying to make is that all is well, all will continue to be well and any irritations or crap along the way will just be reminders that there is constantly going to be the yin with the yang because that is the way it is and I will not even start with quantum physics because I heard too much of that yesterday in our introduction to herbs class which might be the class I fear or maybe welcome most. That will be some memorization skills at its finest. That reminds me, I need more index cards.

I caught an amazing meteor shower last month with friends when I was in LA. In Sherman Oaks nonetheless! It was a clear sky with no moon creating perfect conditions for watching stars fall. Dear friends, wine, California, showers of light... what else could you ask for? Last night there was another meteor shower. Unfortunately, clouds were rolling into Portland and my fatigue along with the cold weather was too much for me to venture out and see some cosmic delight. I did however stumble upon a website that constantly streams a signal into the atmosphere where it picks up satellites, spacecraft and meteors. I have found my new nightly bedtime story. For those who enjoy falling asleep to white noise, this might be for you. For the insane folk who have the best sleep of their lives on a tour bus in their coffin bunk with the hum of a generator (raising hand), this also could be for you. I realize this has nothing to do with Oriental Medicine and I also know its too late to be an astrophysicist... or is it? Lust for life.


"California sunlight, sweet Calcutta rain
Honolulu starbright - the song remains the same"

~Led Zeppelin

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