Thursday, October 14, 2010

In the beginning...

A couple of years ago, I was drunk off Jameson in a hotel room in Seattle before a show with my good friend, Phil. Whist discussing my hiatus from being a tour manager in the music business to going back to school for my Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, we shook around some ideas, much like the rocks in our whiskey glasses on how I could integrate the business with my new endeavor. Phil cleverly shouted out 'Rockupuncture!' and we both agreed... I was going to rule the world. I owe you Phil. A few days after, I bought the domain name: rockupuncture (.com, .net and .org) from godaddy and do not plan on letting it go anytime soon. It waits for me to graduate like the federal government with my student loans (eventually equating to about 90,000.00) to see what will happen to me over the next three years in grad school and beyond.

I wanted to start a blog a few months ago, you know... the pre-school blog, but I am just four weeks in so this isn't too late of a start. I am sure I will make the background all fancy and such, update the profile, etc... Quite frankly, I could not decide on wordpress or blogspot and honestly does it really matter? I have realized the importance of journaling (due to our research and Qigong classes forcing this upon us... in a good way) and what comes out of it when you start babbling on such as myself. I believe I should have been writing more in the past especially with my travels, but who the hell wants to write down their thoughts when you are living on a bus or in a van with smells no one should have to describe, following a 16 hour day of live music and responsibilities of others, endless transit, let alone having a moment to yourself (the band being on stage does not count)? While I miss these days already, I know they are not gone... just on the back burner... and/or laughing at me.

So enjoy my tales of this and that in regards to school and my journey. Pour yourself a stiff one and let me describe why Lung 5 is called the Tongli Luo Connecting Point or why the liver controls the blood and ensures the smooth and free flow of Qi (chee). Perhaps you fancy an explanation on just why Large Intestine 2 point is located on the radial border of the index finger, in the depression just distal to the metacarpo-phalangeal joint or what the innervation, origin, insertion and action of your teres major is. Well, then stay tuned because I have taken in quite a bit of information and this is only the fourth week of class. I don't know where this is going, but I hope it will be a constant electronic reflection of my thoughts regardless if they make sense to you or not. It shall be interesting and I welcome your company.

'It takes a lot of little nuts to make a jar of peanut butter...' ~ Mr. Rogers Neighborhood excerpt
(when they go to the factories and show you how they make crayons or peanut butter...remember?)

(you were expecting some old, influential Chinese saying weren't you? ... well Zhong Fu!)

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